The Annual Lifelong Achievement award for 2019 was presented to Dr. Christopher Patterson at the 9th Annual Update in Geriatrics. Christopher Patterson graduated from King’s College Hospital Medical School University of London, England) in 1970, then emigrated to Canada. He worked as a general practitioner in Northern Ontario, until 1976. After completing Internal Medicine residency at Queen’s University in Kingston, he specialized in Geriatric Medicine, and continued postgraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario, Boston University and Guy’s Hospital London, before completing his geriatric residency and fellowship. He joined the faculty of McMaster University in 1982 and received an RS McLaughlin
Scholarship to study Clinical Epidemiology. Under the mentorship of Dr. Ronald Bayne (one of Canada’s first geriatricians) and together with Dr. Irene Turpie they established the Division of Geriatric Medicine in the Department of Medicine at McMaster. Dr. Patterson led the Division until 1987. It is now one of the most respected in Canada.

What Patients Tell Us

I finally gathered enough courage to ask for your help regarding memory loss. I am 75 years old and have been noticing memory loss for the past year. I have an older brother who has Alzheimer’s and I would like to get help before I reach that stage.

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