The RGPc is proud to announce the recipient of the Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) Grant for 2021/2022:

This year’s grant was awarded for the project titled, ALC to LTC Transition Pathway – Implementing and evaluating a novel care pathway for alternative level-of-care patients designated for long-term care. This project is being led by Dr. Henry Siu, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine.

Transitioning to LTC is difficult for all involved. Important healthcare issues are often mismanaged during transitions in care. However, those designated ALC can often spend months in a hospital bed prior to entering LTC. Therefore, making use of this opportunity to address LTC-relevant issues could result in a smoother, less stressful, and more thoughtful transition for older adults to LTC. Evaluating the implementation and impact of this project will provide insight into scalability and sustainability of this program in other settings.

RGPc would like to thank all the applicants for the Specialized Geriatric Services Grant 2021/22.

What Patients Tell Us

I finally gathered enough courage to ask for your help regarding memory loss. I am 75 years old and have been noticing memory loss for the past year. I have an older brother who has Alzheimer’s and I would like to get help before I reach that stage.

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