RGPc Council

The Regional Geriatric Program Central Council has a membership of service providers; researchers; educators; and persons with lived experience who meet to provide oversight and support to clinical, educational and research environments with a focus on quality improvement, system planning and implementation of best practices. The Council will present a strong and united community voice for an integrated system of health and supports for older adults by creating and sustaining an environment of trust, integrity, collaboration, decision making and responsibility.


Dr. Amra Noor

Cst. Andrea McLaughlin

Anne Pizzacalla

Barbara Carpio

Brent McLeod

Dr. Brian Misiaszek

Christine Lam-Au

David Wormald

Dr. Henry Siu

Dr. Irene Turpie

Jane McKinnon Wilson

Jennifer Burgess

Jennifer Kodis

Jennifer Siemon

Joy White

Dr. Joye St. Onge

Julia Dean

Karen Pow

Dr. Linda Lee

Lisa Maychak

Mary Burnett

Dr. Peter Bieling

Dr. Randi McCabe

Sally Quider

Sandra Robinson

Scott Secord

Dr. Sharon Duff

Dr. Sharon Marr

Shelagh Kiely

Emily Vines